Umur, the Allfather

A Historic Text, found at the Entrance of every Mineshaft made by Dwarfs.

His Voice is the loudest, his Arms are the strongest and his Beard is the most magnificent. Umur is the true Dwarf, traveling every plane of existence, gathering every Ore and enjoying every Beverage. We need to follow his Example, gathering every Resource we can find and wear our Beards proud!

When the Kingdom of the Dwarfs was barely established, they already had to face a Huge Threat. A Huge Army of Grey Goblins, led by several Hobgoblins, attacked the Dwarfs. A few hundred Dwarfs couldn’t stand a Chance against thousands of Foes, and everyone accepted their Fate. But suddenly they heard an incredibly loud laugh, followed by the sound of shattering Stone. Out of nowhere, a Dwarf appeared from the Ground. He carried a Gem covered Hammer in his right Hand and a Lantern in his Left. With a deep loud Voice he shouted “Don’t accept Death so easily, the great Umur is on your Side!”.
After he finished his Sentence, the Dwarf slammed his Hammer into the Ground, creating a Sound as loud as thousand Thunders. The Floor in front of him started to Crumble, and soon, the whole Goblin Army was swallowed by the Ground. As the Dust settled, the mysterious Dwarf was gone, and the only thing left was a giant chasm and the smell of Alcohol.

Every Dwarf who believes in Umur shows his devotion by collecting as many Minerals he can, and every Priest is also a talented Spelunker. Belief and mining are basically the same, and are practiced by almost everyone. It’s just natural to mine, and the Fact that every Dwarf can tell where North is no matter his Position Underground just proves that they are destined to crave Minerals. Umur looks over them, and if another Misery threatens the Existence of the Dwarfs, everyone knows that he is on their side.


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